The High Tower Difference


If your current investigative vendor isn't performing up to snuff, consider the following...


  • Experience - All of our investigators average 15+ years in the investigative industry and 10+ years WITH HIGH TOWER.


  • Pre-Surveillance - Nobody does a more thorough pre-surveillance investigation than us.  A Social Networking Search, Motor Vehicle Search, Court Records Search, Worker's Compensation Search, General Internet Search, Property Records Search, Database Search, and more is conducted on EVERY surveillance case you order.  It's included in the flat rate surveillance price.  

  • Cost Savings - When we say FLAT RATE, we mean FLAT RATE.  No additional fees for mileage, tolls, travel time, pre-surveillance, video disks, etc. 

  • Preparedness - When we hit the street for surveillance, we have all the information we need to conduct a thorough and complete investigation.  Ask your current vendor if they are running a proper  State Motor Vehicle Search prior to conducting surveillance.  I bet the answer will surprise you!